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CEO’s Note

Since its establishment in the region in 1982 STME has defined and worked on achieving its aim – to become the leader in enterprise storage solutions, with high quality IT systems integration. STME has evolved in step with the changing needs of the region, growing bigger and stronger through a vigorous program of vertical and horizontal expansion and innovation.

Our considerable investments to enhance knowledge, manpower and technology have delivered exceptional returns, particularly in helping us maintain the high degree of confidence and satisfaction from our varied customers. Our priority has been, and still is, to bring tactical enhancements by investing in our unique ‘know-how’, and supporting potentials that make a real difference to our clients growth.

STME’s work strategy focuses on introducing smoother operations with efficient TCO, higher ROI and better communication systems that allow sharing expertise and information wider and easier than ever before, while respecting customer’s authenticity and information confidentiality.

Our enthusiasm to serve our customers and provide only the best enterprise IT solutions is rooted from a culture of quality and excellence that has been constantly cultivated and reinforced across all levels of the organization. We shall continue expanding not only our presence across all over the MEA, but also our solutions and innovative technologies. We look forward to keep on providing excellent service and enable enterprises to optimize the value of their IT investments.

Ayman Al Bayaa

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