Evolving IT Scene Impacts Security

Companies face a challenge of having to deal with a diverse set of solutions that are needed for network security with no single solution able to effectively address all security issues. Hence, the role of a good solutions provider with the appropriate skills and services is more important than even a principle vendor.

Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO of STME

Developments in the way technology is used in business, such as an increase in flexible and agile work systems that have increased the use of mobile, remote web access, cloud usage, digitization, social media platforms and IoT, is having a simultaneous impact on escalating security threats on company networks. IoT, for example, has attracted various network threats at sensors, terminals and end-devices.

The increasing scope for bring your own device (BOYD) at workplaces is also seen as a contributor to security issues. Furthermore, advancements in virtual machine isolation, client authentication, and secure opportunistic computing are expected to facilitate the adoption of cloud computing. wireless security, and data centers, which in turn will boost the demand for advanced network security solutions in the coming years. Additionally, other major driving factors for the network security market are emerging government regulations in the region.

Today, network security in the region is increasingly important due to the growing and exponential boost in organisational data, as well as the high dependency on the value of data, commonly known as the ‘big data’ phenomena. Currently, we are seeing massive growth in the need for network security across all industrial sectors, but especially in finance, oil and gas, telecom and defense. Utilization of security measures cuts across the size of companies, ranging from enterprises to SMBs, where we have seen some adoption. However, to increase network security adoption among SMBs, a lot more awareness building and outreach programs arc needed.

In this current landscape to mitigate and counter threats to network security, organisations are looking for integrated security solutions that cater to their various security needs through one platform for cost effectiveness and simplicity. By utilizing solutions such as data centers for processing and as a storage powerhouse, data loss protection, data recovery management, leaks and hacking threats can be reduced to a large extent.

Like most regions, network security in Middle East covers a variety of computer networks, both public and private, that are used in everyday jobs. Yet, the biggest challenge network security companies face is the diverse set of solutions that are needed for network security. On top of that, no single solution can effectively address all network security areas. Hence, the role of a good solutions provider with the appropriate skills and services is more important than even a principle vendor.

The only way to stay ahead of the game is to constantly upgrade skills and resources to tackle the burgeoning threats inevitable with the upcoming technological developments.

Source: “Network Middle East” magazine, April 2016 issue