King Saud University Partners with STME to Stop Viruses and Malicious Files

STME, the Middle East’s leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator (SI), has provided a comprehensive solution to King Saud University’s (KSU) security requirements. KSU’s phenomenal growth in the recent past has also resulted in vulnerabilities in its security infrastructure.

To address issues in KSU’s University System, a policy document recommended guidelines, industry standards, and the utilization of available best practices. “The challenge in implementing a security system at KSU, in addition to the requirements listed in the policy document, was that the solution needed to cover approximately 21,000 Endpoints. Constant compliance amongst these 21,000 nodes was going to be our main challenge,’’ noted Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO, STME.

In consultation with representatives from KSU, the team from STME decided the system that would best suit KSU’s needs and requirements would be the Symantec Endpoint Protection system. The Symantec system comes with a centralized management system that can be utilized to replace the existing system, and offers a strong anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection known to eradicate mass malware.

“The Symantec Endpoint Protection solution has helped KSU in achieving its business needs. Thanks to STME we have obtained one of the best Endpoint Protection systems available in the market. The system comes with single management, high scalability and round-the-clock, all-year through support,” said Mohammed A. Alsarkhl, risk and information security director, KSU.

The Symantec solution comes inbuilt with a SONAR behavioral analysis that stops malicious files designed to appear legitimate, and insight reputation scoring which accurately detects rapidly mutating malware and zero-day threats.

Finally, the Symantec Endpoint Protection solution’s network threat protection stops most threats before they can take up residence on any machine, thus protecting the University System even before there is an established virus.

The Middle East’s leading solutions provider and systems integrator, STME has established strategic partnerships with a broad range of IT system manufacturers, to enable the delivery of the best-of-breed solutions of any scale or complexity. Since 1982 STME was built on a solid foundation of storage provision to provide turnkey integrated system solutions for some of the Middle East’s most important business-critical data.

Source: Saudi Gazette.