Manafea Holding Company Protects Data with Disk Encryption Solution

Manafea Holding Company has implemented a new disk encryption solution, which will help protect sensitive financial trading data for the multi-operation group.

The company operates in various business sectors including leisure and tourism, real estate, and trading. With trading operations with both local and international markets, Manafea required a solution which would protect sensitive data from the risk of theft and software or hardware failure, particularly as the number of employees and devices in use by the company has grown.

Systems integration STME deployed a Veritas disk encryption solution, which protects data on all devices including laptop hard drives.

“The solution that STME implemented for us does not require end-user training and provides a transparent encryption solution to the end-user. The Symantec solution has really helped in building the security of our data and information,” said Khaled Sada, IT Director, Manafea Holding Company.

“Manafea’s data and information was basically dispersed because of the mobile nature of the laptops. Therefore, the solution had to take into account the different access points,” added Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO, STME.

“This is a complete solution designed to protect all data on the hard drive of machines running on Microsoft Windows. Administrators of the machines are capable of encrypting the laptop’s hard drive to ensure safe harbour and to prevent the exposure of sensitive data. This is especially relevant in the event a laptop is stolen,” said Al Bayaa.

Source: ITP – The Middle East’s Leading Technology Website