Offers Managed Services from “feed TMA” contribute to the promotion of information technology sector growth in Saudi Arabia

The company continues to “S. T M E. Leading InField Presentation Solutions And the integration of Systems In East East StrengthenGrowth Sector Technology Information InKingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia Cross SupplyOwners Institutions Group Wide From ServicesManaged.

Being Application Services “S. T M Ie, “inDifferent Areas Technological, WhereAvailability Tools And capacity, Addition ToMethodology Connecting Regional To supportEfficiency Services Managed To its customers InEast East. Include Services Management Data, The continuity and flexibilityInstitutional, infrastructure, data center, cloud services and special hybrid, services linked to the Convention on the level of service, project management, and the use of engineers residents to help organizations accomplish their tasks.

In addition, the availability of “S. T M E. “group From The managed services specifically designed to meet the specific needs of customers through the work crew enjoys exceptional efficiency in the IT sector.

Seeks executives of the information in Saudi Arabia for effective solutions combine technology available at the work site and the services provided remotely, and as noted by the International Data Corporation earlier this year.Based on this, gaining managed services offered “by S. T M E. “centralimportance, because it allows customers to choose specific external sources to help strengthen its operations.

In this context, the President said Ayman al-Baya Executive Company “S. T MIe “:” We have Start The executive directors of the information in Saudi Arabia, the adoption of new technologies Kalihusph cloud and mobile technology and analysis of large data. In addition, a number of institutions reap the benefits of these technologies through improved operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer relationship management. “

He concluded Ayman Baya said: “We are seeing an increase in demand for managed services in the market, as a result of the adoption of these institutions to new technologies, which will be paid for the application infrastructure organization of information technology within the framework of their daily activities. The company has a “feed TMA” the ability to deliver tailored solutions to meet the needs of every organization, whether small or large. Being Focus InEspecially To Management Data And Systems Foundation More FromEffectiveness, It is Command Primary In Environments The work AdvancedWhich Distinction Our world Today. “

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