Saudi Telecom Company Puts Their Trust on STME and Quantum Scalar Tape Library for Backup and Data

Saudi Telecom Company Required a Tape Library Solution to fit 400 data cartridges and cover back up destination. Saudi Telecom Company (STC) contacted STME with their need for a tape library, the STME engineers recommended the Quantum Scalar i500 Tape Library with 18x LTO-5 HP Tape drives which can accommodate up to 409 data cartridges including the required licenses, to solve multiple issues at once. STC is now able to store up to 1200TB of compressed data.

Key challenge: Backup system with reporting and enough data

STC is the largest telecommunications services provided in the Middle East and North Africa. It is the leading operator in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covering 11 countries around the region. The Riyadh based company has been growing steadily in the past years, especially due to the growth of its broadband services.

The old system STC used was EMC Data Domain model dd890, with a single hit. This did not provide enough throughput needed, therefore STC had to search for better options. The Quantum Scalar i500 achieves 3 x the same amount as the EMC Data Domain, hitting up to 9.8 TB/h.

STC needed a tape library solution to be used as backup destination which would support the LTO-5 technology. The same system also needed to be scalable up to 18 tape drives and more than 400 data cartridges. One of the important features on the required system was also the reporting system, which should be included.

STC growing rapidly and entering multiple new territories has increased the need for data backup. Due to the abundance of information available and around, it needs to be secured and stored in a system that provides enough space and flexibility to support the company’s further growth.


“I found STME support and backup solution state of the art and fully satisfied with respect to all services being provided. I hope STME will grow business with STC in future and I as STC DBA will recommend you for providing backup solutions to other customers”.

 Ali Farhan,
Enterprise Data warehouse | Consultant Teradata/GreenPlum DBA & BAR expert

STME team evaluated the situation at the STC and after careful consideration over all the requirements, the recommendation was to obtain the Quantum Scalar i500 Tape Library. Due to its ability to accommodate up to 409 data cartridges and all the required licenses it was the best choice to serve STC in this aspect. It also comes with a reporting software to enable the regular health check for the system.

In addition to the 400x LTO-5 data cartridges to store SCT backup data, STME is providing additional 5 LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridges. It will be linked to Brocade 5100 SAN switch with 24x8Gbps FC ports, which can be updated to 32 or 40 ports as an when STC will need it.

This solution will enable STC to store up to 1200TB of compressed data or 600TB of native data. It comes with a dual redundant power supplies and Quantum Advances Reporting Software.