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Support Line

STME 24×7 Support Line

STME operates a 24×7 support hotline which provides all STME customers with a highly efficient service fully backed up by experienced personnel and an in-house developed call logging system.

All of STME’s customers who have warranty support or annual maintenance contracts, are able to log support calls with our dedicated team. They receive a unique case ID which will be tracked and logged throughout its life to the final successful conclusion of the support call.

STME utilizes an in-house Call Logging System as part of the Microsoft AX ERP/CRM database, whereby all calls are logged and, once in the system, are followed up using a detailed escalation process which includes involvement of specialists, management and, where relevant, vendor support. Customers are informed of all actions via automatic email responses and can additionally request manual updates from STME operators using the unique case ID allocated to the support call.

Customers are provided with dedicated telephone numbers to register calls which will ensure that all cases are logged in the system and can be tracked.

Additionally, the system utilizes a fully automated email process which will update  the customer with an email showing each action or update of their logged call. The email will detail the date and time of the update, actions which have taken place,  STME personnel allocated to the case and, finally the closure report which will also have full details of the complete call history from open to completion.

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Process Overview

  • Customer registers a support call with STME dedicated support phone number
    • All calls should be logged using the supplied Call Centre phone numbers
    • Any calls logged via other methods may result in a delay in support response
      • e.g. – logging a call directly with an STME Support Engineer could result in the call not being logged in the system right away and may result in a delay in allocating the correct resources to resolving the customer call
      • STME Supportline staff log support call details and allocate a unique Case ID to the call
        • Call priority is logged in the system based upon customer defined criteria
          • Severity 1 Calls – System Down
          • Severity 2 Calls – System seriously affected but still operational
          • Severity 3 Calls – System operational but affected in a minor way
  • Automatic email is generated by the system and sent to the customer contact with details of the call and the case ID
  • STME Supportline staff allocate internal resources to the case for further process
    • Case priority determines all actions based upon STME published escalation process and the warranty cover or maintenance support which is in place with the customer
    • Automatic email is generated by the system and sent to the customer contact with any updates made to the call
    • STME resources respond to the call as appropriate
      • All actions taken on the call are logged in the STME system
      • New actions result in automatic emails to the customer detailing current call status
      • Call priority and escalation are adjusted to suit the ongoing status of the call
      • If relevant, additional internal resources are allocated to resolve the call
      • If relevant, original Vendor support is contacted and a vendor support case is opened
      • Automatic email is generated by the system and sent to the customer contact with any updates made to the call

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