Volume Clones or Fast Copies for Hitachi Storage

A successful defence against data corruption or loss is to leverage in-system data replication. It is a critical component of any data protection or high availability infrastructure. Hitachi In-System Replication bundle combines our full volume clone replication software, Hitachi ShadowImage In-System Replication bundle, and our snapshot solution, Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot software.

Hitachi ShadowImage or Copy-on-Write software solutions are also useful tools for facilitating data migration or data repurposing requirements. For example, workgroup tasks such as reporting, analytic operations, research, or test and development can be executed against point-in-time ShadowImage copies of production data – thus preventing corruption risks to the original production data source.

Combine In-System Replication bundle with Hitachi TrueCopy Remote replication or Universal Replication to achieve multi-datacenter data copies for data backup and protection, disaster recovery, migration or multi-workgroup purposes.

  • In-System Replication bundle combines both high speed, nondisruptive, full volume local mirroring technology and space efficient snapshot software technology for rapid restart and recovery
  • Keeps data RAID-protected and fully recoverable without affecting host system service or performance levels
  • Allows full volumes replicated by ShadowImage to be easily split from applications to serve as a point-in-time copy for backup protection or data migration purposes
  • Copy-on-Write Snapshot software creates point-in-time copies of only changed blocks within its snapshot data pool to ensure speedy backup and efficient data storage usage