Managed Services are the practice of outsourcing day-to-daymanagement responsibilities as a strategic method for improving operations. STME can offer this service across a range of IT related processes such as Project Management, Audit and Assessment and System Monitoring.

Effectively, it allows the client to outsource chosen aspects of their operation to STME who can provide specific expertise and knowledge in the chosen areas and increase efficiency to provide better operational success.

Management Summary

The STME Managed Services include, but are not limited to, the following services

  • Project Management
    • A tailored Project Management service for specific client short or long term projects which will include project planning, resource management, project reporting and analysis, change control, cost and time management etc.
    • Based on the PMP project methodology
  • Audit and Assessment
    • A detailed examination of a client system or group of systems which will result in a comprehensive report highlighting effectiveness and potential issues across a range of agreed criteria
    • Specific client requirements will be discussed at length to determine the scope of the assessment and samples of expected output will be provided to highlight potential results and methodology
  • System Monitoring
    • Using sophisticated tools and experienced staff, SATME can provide a full remote monitoring service of IT systems for prospective clients.
    • A mixture of  agreed remote access facilities and a detailed  of systems by STME specialists will allow for regular checks of system effectiveness with exception reporting to the client management at agreed times and with agreed output and documentation
    • Frequency of reporting and monitoring will be set between the client and STME in relation to the expected management control and reporting needs

 Where is it offered?

 STME operates across the whole of the Middle East with fully manned offices in:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Egypt
  • Bahrain

This service is offered in all of these countries and can also be offered further afield by special arrangement.

Which organizations does it apply to? 

The STME Managed Services applies to all organizations, no matter how large or small. The key component is the need of the organization to better manage their data and systems using a dedicated service with specific skills and tools. Larger organizations may have more information, more systems and more resources while smaller organizations may utilise their more limited resources in a different way, but information and data is always the key asset to any companies irrespective of their size. Management of that data is, therefore, of the utmost importance and hence should be treated as such.

Who is involved?

Key personnel from the client organisation and STME are involved in all aspects of managed services.

STME’ s team of IT Professionals and Consultants posses a depth of knowledge in the field of Storage, Backup and data Security unsurpassed in the industry, with knowledge of Best Practices across the whole field Our staff understands both the requirements of your business and the application of storage technology to address those requirements.

Executives and Business Managers from the client with the knowledge of the organisation’s goals and objectives, and who understand how critical information is to the organisation and how its management is the key to success


 The key deliverable on a Managed Service Contract is access to highly technical skills which STME can offer with regard to the chosen service.

Specific deliverables will depend upon the service chosen and the agreed requirements of the client.

Actual output will be determined during the arrangement process for setting up the chosen service and an agreed set of physical deliverables will become part of the final documentation.

Why do it?

If you are considering a managed service then it will usually be because you need to access either skills or resources which may not be currently available within your organisation. The ability to contract a specialist company to secure either short term resources or skills or long term solutions which may lie outside your area of expertise will provide your organisation with additional management options and will enable your organisation to both address potential shortfalls and include optional additional facilities in the overall IT plan.

Why ask STME to do it?

By utilizing STME for your Managed Services option, you are giving yourselves access to highly skilled and experienced staff in very specific areas of competence. It enables your organisation to take immediate advantage of skill sets without the penalty of internal training and exposure.

Furthermore, by choosing STME, you are choosing a known expert commodity with more than 30 years of knowledge and experience the fields in which you wish to expand or consolidate your business without compromising your existing core skills or resource availability.