Deliver fast and efficient backup and recovery with NetApp SnapProtect™ management software. SnapProtect software combines the capabilities of a traditional backup application with NetApp Snapshot copies, replication, and storage efficiency technologies.

SnapProtect software creates, manages, and monitors all backup and recovery operations from a single interface, enabling your staff to be more efficient and responsive. You can use policy-based automation to quickly move Snapshot copies across disk and tape, depending on your cost, compliance, and recovery objectives.

SnapProtect software is applicationaware, integrating Snapshot copies with applications and virtual server infrastructures to accelerate restores and help prevent data loss. SnapProtect software leverages NetApp Data ONTAP® deduplication, compression, and other efficiency technologies to control costs.

Faster Backup and Recovery for Your Business

SnapProtect software is a one-stop shop for protecting and recovering your critical application data as well as virtual server and traditional infrastructures. SnapProtect software uses Snapshot copies that have little to no impact on production operations, so you can back up more often, reduce backup windows, and minimize the risk of data loss.


Shrink Backup Windows

Low-impact NetApp® Snapshot® copies and replication can reduce backup windows from hours to minutes.

Lower Costs

Lower disk capacity utilization by up to 90% and significantly reduce network usage with industry-leading efficiencies.

Virtualization- and Application-Aware

Minimize downtime and help prevent data loss through integration with virtualization and major applications.

Faster Recovery

Recover data in minutes, not hours, by using high-speed Snapshot copies that are fully cataloged for rapid search and retrieval.

Unified Backup Management

Accelerate response times and reduce costs by managing Snapshot copies, replication, and tape backup from a single interface.