Virtualize Externally Attached Storage

With Hitachi Universal Volume Manager software, you can consolidate heterogeneous storage from one or many vendors into a single pool. The software eases management with a single, unified view to fully leverage your storage investments.

Universal Volume Manager is a component of Hitachi Basic Operating System V software for Hitachi enterprise storage platforms.

Top Features

  • Integrates heterogeneous systems
  • Enables deployment of multi-tiered storage
  • Integrates lower cost midrange storage
  • Creates a common pool of storage using virtualization
  • Consolidates and rationalizes storage and storage management points

Top Benefits

  • Enables dynamic allocation of capacity and storage quality of service (QoS) to applications as needed
  • Enhances data mobility for easy and transparent data migration
  • Creates new opportunities based on enhanced capability of existing business continuity software and management tools to external storage devices


  • Allows one administrator from a single pane of glass to manage all heterogeneous externally attached storage from Hitachi or third parties
  • Enables administrators to establish different storage tiers and costs within a single virtualized pool of storage, based on data access and criticality
  • Creates logical views that are not tied to physical assets, which results in a storage architecture that provides the right cost, performance, reliability and availability
  • Allows use of the shared storage pool of internal and external storage volumes with storage system-based software or host-based applications for data migration and replication


  • Strategically aligns your storage infrastructure with business requirements
  • Provides cost savings from leveraging existing assets and low cost storage
  • Simplifies data replication, migration and retention to help meet compliance demands
  • Enables dynamic mobility of data across virtual storage tiers for block, file and content data