SnapMirror data replication solution Protect and Accelerate Your Business with Up to 60% Lower TCO.

NetApp® SnapMirror® is our flagship data replication solution that not only can provide disaster recovery protection for your business-critical data, but also enables your DR site for other business activities so you can turn your disaster recovery solution into a business accelerator.

Leveraging the unified storage architecture, SnapMirror simplifies the management of data replication so you can use a single solution across all NetApp storage arrays and protocols for any application in both virtual and traditional environments in a variety of configurations. You can also tune SnapMirror to meet a full range of recovery point objectives from zero seconds to hours. And, the recovery process supports low recovery time objectives, so you get back to business faster.

While protecting your data is critical, doing it cost effectively is just as important. With the new SnapMirror network compression technology, you can reduce your bandwidth utilization by 70%, accelerating data transfers to lower RPO and network costs. Using NetApp deduplication in a virtual environment, you can improve your storage efficiency by 90%.

Integrated with FlexClone®, which provides instantaneous, space-efficient copies, SnapMirror enables you to accelerate your business by enabling you to use your replicated data for DR testing, business intelligence, and development and test without business interruptions. SnapMirror is also a component of NetApp DataMotion for vFiler, which provides always-on data migration. Whether you are upgrading your technology, adding more capacity to support your storage, or simply load-balancing your workloads to address your SLAs, SnapMirror, together with NetApp MultiStore® and Provisioning Manager, can provide application transparency and, more importantly, with minimal planned downtime during any of these activities.

Key Points

  • Standardized multipurpose data replication solution
  • 70% reduction in network bandwidth utilization with built-in network compression
  • 50% reduction in management overhead through product simplicity and leveraging the unified storage architecture
  • 90% storage efficiency extended through integration with deduplication in virtual environments
  • Proven, tested, and integrated with industry leading partners