Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager software enables IT administrators to easily and interactively match application-driven price, performance and availability requirements to storage system characteristics. Employed with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform, Tiered Storage Manager provides an easy-to-use interface for performing transparent, nondisruptive data volume movement across heterogeneous storage systems. Tiered Storage Manager software allows administrators to quickly provision storage to meet application deployment requirements and then fine-tune provisioning using multidimensional storage tiers.

  • Allows seamless transparent data volume movement among any storage systems attached to Virtual Storage Platform
  • Masks the underlying complexity of tiered storage data migration and does not require the administrator to master the operation of complex storage analysis
  • Manages and automates data movement based on a robust set of attributes, including cost, performance and
    data protection
  • Simplifies the task of optimizing storage infrastructure to satisfy application storage requirements
  • Allows fine-tuning and error correction of storage provisioning without application outages


  • Manages volume migration through the use of custom tiering or saved searches
  • Replaces storage system and storage semantics with higher-level application data, QoS metrics and storage tiers you can define
  • Enables performance optimization through integration with Hitachi Tuning Manager
  • Easily realigns application storage allocations
  • Manages volume locations relative to an application’s minimum requirements
  • Offers easy search operations to build migration groups and custom tiers
  • Shows a quick view of which storage is provisioned to specific applications through the use of saved searches
  • Allows an unlimited number of custom tiers and saved searches
  • Permits volumes to reside in multiple saved searches
  • Provides persistent volume classifications (migration groups)
  • Supports completely transparent volume movement without interruptions
  • Batches migrations together in a plan and lets them be manually released immediately or scheduled for a later time


  • Offers easy-to-use volume migration based on service level
  • Safely moves data when application requirements increase or decrease
  • Lets you respond to business initiatives with faster storage provisioning
  • Easily fine-tunes volume provisioning via command line interface (CLI)
  • Removes complexity in managing storage tiers