DXi disk-based deduplication from Quantum improves protection and reduces costs. Customers report an average 125 percent increase in backup performance, 87 percent fewer failed backup jobs, and typical disk capacity reductions of 90 percent or more—95 percent in virtual environments. Plus, you can reduce media purchase expenses by nearly one-half, cut overall backup management time by 63 percent, and report 97 percent average lower media recall costs—all with a typical four- to six-month payback on investment.

While data deduplication is important, it’s even more important to know how easy it is to integrate this technology into your existing backup. Deduplication solutions from Quantum offer simple NAS and virtual library interfaces, and built-in replication provides automated remote protection for satellite offices over existing WANs. They also link easily to tape systems, providing a single point of management and support. Best of all, these solutions work with all leading backup software, including Symantec’s OpenStorage interface, for seamless integration into your existing backup system.