Hitachi TrueCopy® Synchronous Remote Replication software is ideal for the most mission-critical data situations when replication and backup of saved data are extremely important. TrueCopy Synchronous, for Hitachi modular storage and enterprise storage families, addresses these challenges with immediate real-time and robust replication capabilities.

In addition, Hitachi TrueCopy Synchronous software can be combined with Hitachi Universal Replicator software to form a 3 data center remote replication solution. As another configuration option, at a remote location, Hitachi TrueCopy Synchronous can be paired with Hitachi ShadowImage® In-System replication software. This lets you create a remote copy of primary site or production data that is automatically updated for executing test and development tasks or operations against production data.


  • Synchronous replication up to 190 miles (300km)
  • Fibre Channel connectivity and 1GB/s iSCSI addressable (requires supported multiprotocol router or channel extenders)
  • Up to 4,094 replication pairs
  • Up to 16 consistency groups per subsystem


  • Provides identical copy replication over remote distances, which ensures data protection and integrity
  • Enables integrated and centralized host-independent data replication for a wide range of operating environments, including virtualization
  • Improves business resilience and continuity by enabling disaster recovery testing with online production data
  • Minimizes operational disruption of planned maintenance or unplanned outage events