Storage-based, Enterprise Replication
Hitachi Universal Replicator provides storage array-based replication for Hitachi enterprise storage environments. Versatile Hitachi Universal Replicatior software also delivers asynchronous, low latency performance, with key features such as disk-based journal and multi-target or cascade configuration capabilities. As a result, execute replication of small, extremely large, or heterogeneous data volumes fast and efficiently as compared to server host-side replication approaches. With a pair of HUR licenses or when paired with HItachi TrueCopy Synchronous Remote software, you have the power and flexibility to plan two, three or potentially four remote data center configuration possibilities for data protection disaster recovery, business continuity, or data migration purposes.

• Low latency, asynchronous operation requires less network bandwidth, which allows you to maximize network cost savings
• Disk-based journal enables tight recovery point objectives (RPO) time management, with data consistency, which in turn minimizes data loss exposure
• Supported with Hitachi USP V, USP VM and VSP storage platforms
• Up to 2,064 consistency groups functionality for supporting multi-volume, multi-system data sets
• Compatible with open-systems or mainframe environments

• Simplifies data replication for demanding and heterogeneous data center environments
• Maintains integrity of replicated copy across multiple volumes or storage systems without impacting application or production storage processing
• Optimizes recovery point objectives (RPO) over any distance
• Two or three data center capable