The STME Audit and Assessment is a professional consultancy exercise where one or more of STME’s highly experienced consultant level personnel spend a number of days, onsite with your organization to review deployed High Availability / Disaster Recovery Solutions in line with business objective and requirement.

STME provide comprehensive High Availability and Disaster recovery analysis services that are required to ensure Application availability locally and remotely in case of any disaster, service level agreements and regulatory requirements can all be met.

Service includes

  • Study deployed HA/DR infrastructure with respect to STME strong field experience on the products and with best deployment practices
  • Identify the protected services/applications
  • Assess on approach for configured disk group, volume, disk layout
  • Assess on approach for configured service group and respective resources parameter
  • Only for DR setup, assess on data availability wrt replication topology
  • Check and observe all relevant logs for any potential issues
  • Discuss, understand and address pain point/concerns including RPO/RTO requirement for configured applications availability
  • Optionally Testing of each configured applications/service HA failover/failback process and identify potential issues
  • Point out NOT USED features/functionality within deployed configurations
  • Identify potential configurations error
  • Identify and address admin tasks / operations procedure related error
  • Audit on backup/recovery procedure and recommended other settings including AV exclusions etc.
  • Suggest configuration changes within deployed configurations to address potential unseen issues and addressing existing issues if any.
  • Recommend architecture to enhance the infrastructure for efficient usage, availability and future growth
  • Provide detailed report