A Resident Engineer service  is the practice of providing an experienced resource to an organisation or company who will be fully managed by the company but will not be part of the organisation,’s official manpower head count.

Management Summary

STME  can provide experienced personnel to act as resident engineers to fulfill specialized or even administrative roles for an organisation. The resident engineers will be fully managed by the hiring organisation with a view to utilising specific skills of the resident engineer to supplement skills or resources which are available to the organisation.

What is it ?

This service provides organisations with a flexible responces often tailored to work in specific position where skills may not be available. This could be in the area of new technology where a resident engineers comes already fully skilled to both operate a new system and also provide some knowledge transfer or training to existing personnel,  or perhaps to administer a legacy system as existing personnel may have already been diverted to other systems and the legacy system has a planned closure date.

In effect, it will allow hiring organisation additional flexibility in many areas as the responce can be considered as a 100% available resource for the duration of the agreed contract.

Where is it offered?

STME operates across the whole of the Middle East. This service is offered in all of these countries and can be offered further a field by special arrangement.

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Egypt
  • Bahrain

Which Organisations does it apply to?

The STME Resident Engineer  Service applies to all organizations, no matter how large or small. The key component of the service is to provide specific skills to complement the existing skill matrix of the hiring organisation and to satisfy a need which may be caused by  temporary conditions which prevent or hamper  the use of existing personnel.

Who is involved?

Key personnel from the client organisation and STME are involved in arranging for the services of a resident engineer

STME’ s experience in the field of Storage, Backup and Data Security is  unsurpassed in the industry, This , in addition to  knowledge of Best Practices across the whole field  enables us to fully understand the needs of our clients and, where needed provide them with the necessary skilled individual who can immediately make an impact when engaged as a resident engineer.

Executives and Business Managers from the client with the knowledge of the organisation’s goals and objectives, and who understand how critical information is to the organisation and how its management is the key to success.


The key deliverable on a resident Engineer Service Contract is  the individual who is assigned to satisfy the role.

Once engaged, the client organisation is in full management control of the resource and can utilise him to the fullest extent.

The main component of the contracator is to identify the specific needs of the client and ensure that the supplied engineer fully satisfies the skill matrix needed to perform the planned role.

Why do it?

If you are considering a Resident Engineer Service then it will usually be because you need to access either skills or resources which may not be currently available within your organisation on a relatively long term basis.

The usual minimum time for an RE contract would be 12 months  as this enables the hiring organisation to fully plan for how the additional resource will be utilised. Engaging an RE  is normally  done to satisfy a specific requirement over the expired period of the contract and thus enables the client organisation to manage the resource with finance and known expenses over the planned period.

Why ask STME to do it?

By utilising STME for your Resident Engineers Services option, you are giving yourselves access to highly skilled and experienced staff in very specific areas of competence and experience. It enables your organisation to take immediate advantage of skill sets without the penalty of internal training and exposure and will provide any hiring organisation with an extremely flexible resource with a known cost of service for a known and planned period of time.

Furthermore, by choosing STME you are choosing a known expert commodity with more than 30 years of knowledge and experience the the fields in which you wish to expand or consolidate your business without compromising your existing core skills or resource availability.

Resident Engineer Services

STME Resident Engineer Services comprise a range of services from assisting with day-to-day operations and filling critical staff gaps to optimizing of processes, procedures, and support with industry best practices. STME Resident Engineer Services deploy highly skilled, specialized professionals to address your critical information management and infrastructure needs.

Residency tasks may include: resource management and provisioning, monitoring of information assets, status reporting, configuration, internal or external customer support, troubleshooting, root cause analysis, documentation, and operations management.

Onsite or remote residency services enable you to:

  • Realize greater and faster ROI on information infrastructure assets.
  • Improve operational efficiencies.
  • Expand management and support.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Narrow staff, skill, and/or experience gaps without additional headcount.
  • Improve planning and operational insight.

For personalized, day-to-day operations, or to manage support activities across your infrastructure, STME offers multiple onsite and remote personalized support residency services. These services help you drive rapid issue resolution, strategic planning, and improved infrastructure availability and stability.

Your resident support engineer is a dedicated STME technical and support operations expert who performs diagnosis, technical troubleshooting, preventive and remedial services. At your request, your engineer can also conduct inspections to make sure that the hardware and software components are up to date.

Your resident support engineer may perform other tasks as well, depending on your support coverage. To get the most out of this onsite service, STME suggests that you have a valid Support contract for the systems that you want the resident support engineer to fully support.

Your resident engineer has the full backing of STME Technical Support team, who offer guidance throughout the troubleshooting and case resolution process. The optimal number of resident support engineers you need for your business depends on number of locations,  the number of different products and the criticality of your data.

When you need a rapid response, having a STME expert on site can facilitate results without delay.