Saudi Telecom Company

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is the main Communication company in Saudi . It provides Saudi market with major Communication services like Land Line Telephone service, Mobile Services, Internet Services, and Cloud.


STME maintains strategic versatile relationship with STC, first as Technology advisor, and second as implementation and operation partner. For STME this project was a strategic one, in which it proved to STC the position of STME in Enterprise environment, and led to make STME the main Storage advisor of STC.

STC is continuing to reduce storage costs and complexity and increase performance and availability with Hitachi HDS Technology.


  • Maintain business continuity

  • Support Mission critical OLTP, decision support, collaborative applications which requires 24×7 continuous operation

  • Respond quickly to changing business demands

  • Integrated block, file and object data storage

  • Automated tiering of file and block data for higher performance


  • HUSVM Unified Entry Level Enterprise system, that uses a modular building block approach similar to Mid-Range systems
  • 1.5 PB Total storage
  • Choose a full cloud integration Storage
  • Use STME Professional Service  expertise to migrate data with minimum impact  to the business continuity