Pharma International

STME implements end to end IT solutions in Pharma International’s new factory in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia ranks 46th in Global Cybersecurity Index 2017; classified as “maturing”

STME, the Middle East’s leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, has successfully completed the comprehensive end-to-end IT infrastructure of Pharma International’s new pharmaceutical factory in Jeddah. Pharma International’s move to integrate advanced systems in its factory showcases growing awareness of local companies on the importance of safeguarding critical points of its operations.  According to Global Cybersecurity Index 2017, Saudi Arabia ranks 46th worldwide in terms of Global Cybersecurity Commitment Score with the country’s commitment to such classified as “maturing”.

STME’s scope of work includes critical aspects of the factory, from passive cabling to servers, as well as other active components. The new factory will feature a sophisticated data centre that will support easy expansion, high availability and scalability.

Nimer Qarqash, IT Manager, Pharma International, said: “As a company, we are dedicated to using the latest advancements in technology to optimise our operations, enhance our efficiency and reinforce our competitive advantage within the industry. The success of our expansion across the MENA region is largely underpinned by a strong IT infrastructure that will help us further raise our standards. We are happy to say that following the completion of our collaboration with STME, our new factory greatly has greatly benefited from the expertise of our partner and we can rest assured that our systems are protected.”

Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO, STME, said:

“We are happy to support Pharma International with its expansion across the region by sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained from various project references across the Middle East, and developing the most suitable IT infrastructure that will fully support the company’s long-term goals. We highly believe in stakeholder engagement and as such, our commitment to providing strong after-sales support to ensure the smooth operations of the implemented system is what sets us apart from others in the industry.”

The acquisition of the new factory in Jeddah signals Pharma International’s proactive move to expand across MENA region. The company’s decision to collaborate with STME is largely owing to its diverse experience in the region and awareness of the vulnerabilities of particular industries and leveraging this to create custom tailored techniques and propose advanced designs that address such concerns.


STME completes Security Operations Centre for Marafiq

Fully operational system designed to enhance internal capabilities and optimise operations

STME, the Middle East’s leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, has recently announced the completion of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) for Marafiq. The Centre comprises of highly skilled team members following well-defined policies and procedures in operating security enforcement tools to manage threats and reduce security risks for Marafiq.

The SOC is designed to monitor, analyse, correlate then escalate intrusion events; develop appropriate responses: protect, detect and respond; conduct incident management and forensic investigation; maintain security community relationships and assist in crisis operations. STME Engineers are managing the security operations for the centre 24/7.

Tariq A Al-Walah, Supervisor, Information Security Department, said. “As Marafiq, we are eager to announce this new development which will greatly improve our internal capabilities and enhance our operations. We place great value in the over-all well-being of our customers. As such, we partner with security experts that are able to competently enrich the skillset of our resources, while ensuring world-class operations. We aim to significantly enhance the security maturity based on well-defined measurable metrics and service level agreements. We are very satisfied with the outcome of this project and we believe it will help reinforce our position as a leading utilities provider”

Ayman AlBayaa, CEO, STME, said:

“In order to address the unique needs of this project, we proposed a hybrid model that required our resources to collaborate closely with Marafiq in the move to build effective monitoring procedures and processes, develop the required structure and functions, implement proactive monitoring and intelligence technologies, and build a phased approach to ensure that Marafiq is secure while maturing the Marafiq internal security solutions. The proposed solution will allow scaling as the organization grows and enhance the visibility with a global view of threats potentially impacting Marafiq while taking into consideration best practices and standards such as ISO 27001 and ITIL.”

STME shared that they aim to empower Marafiq to build upon its strength and capabilities through the processes, experiences and knowledge transfer Marafiq’s resources during operations. The SOC that STME implemented was based on a solid world class methodology started with an assessment conducted by Symantec as an SOC consultant using capability maturity model to measure the gap and define work needs to be done to reach the final goal of operating a successful SOC. STME also facilitated the installation of IBM QRadar Security Intelligence, SIEM consolidates log events and network flow data from thousands of devices, endpoints and applications distributed throughout a network; Monitoring security operations across the business, responding to security events and optimizing monitoring rule sets and tools (tuning); managing security incidents, working as the centre of excellence for response and triage of issues, escalating to relevant stakeholders as defined within the security incident management process; Reviewing and protecting the enterprise from emerging threats, based on vendor alerts, intelligence received from partners and public alerts and reporting a risk exposure of the relevant business areas.


Saudi Telecom Company

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is the main Communication company in Saudi . It provides Saudi market with major Communication services like Land Line Telephone service, Mobile Services, Internet Services, and Cloud.


STME maintains strategic versatile relationship with STC, first as Technology advisor, and second as implementation and operation partner. For STME this project was a strategic one, in which it proved to STC the position of STME in Enterprise environment, and led to make STME the main Storage advisor of STC.

STC is continuing to reduce storage costs and complexity and increase performance and availability with Hitachi HDS Technology.


  • Maintain business continuity

  • Support Mission critical OLTP, decision support, collaborative applications which requires 24×7 continuous operation

  • Respond quickly to changing business demands

  • Integrated block, file and object data storage

  • Automated tiering of file and block data for higher performance


  • HUSVM Unified Entry Level Enterprise system, that uses a modular building block approach similar to Mid-Range systems
  • 1.5 PB Total storage
  • Choose a full cloud integration Storage
  • Use STME Professional Service  expertise to migrate data with minimum impact  to the business continuity

Samba Capital

Entry level Enterprise and High End Tier 1 Storage Systems:

Business Needs:

Samba as one of the elite banks in the region they provide 24/7/365 undisruptive services to their clients with the most intelligent applications available in the industry.

Samba Bank required storage platform designed for all data types with 100% availability, scalability and cost effectivness, with ability to consolidate deferent load and capacity form multi-vendor Storages existing in the environment.

Reducing the operation cost, non-optimization performance and Capacity were important parts of Samba major business objectives including the unified management for the data storage resources.


  • All data are very sensitive and highly important

  • Support different solutions for data protection cause higher OPEX and management complexity

  • No Down time allowed for the core banking application

  • Data Migration and consolidation

  • Support operations and always-on business

  • Utilize existing investments longer

  • Reduce operational cost without increasing complexity

  • Increase utilization and efficiency of storage assets

  • React to changing business requirements by redeploying services

  • Turn data into business information and unlock new value


Based on our consultancy analysis for Samba environment we proposed to Samba Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform the high end Enterprise storage.

It is the only storage architecture that flexibly scales for performance, capacity and the virtualization of multivendor storage to optimize return on storage assets.

The mobility it gives to data reduces the business impact of adapting to change. A highly efficient design allows unsurpassed performance and capacity, and lowest power and cooling requirements.

Hitachi Dynamic Tiering makes block, file and content data mobile across virtual storage tiers. The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform, when combined with Hitachi Command Suite management software, transforms the data center and makes IT more agile.


Contract Period and Value

Three Years Frame agreement for 10 M$ including STME 24/7 SLA and Resident Engineers’ Services.


Solution Benefits

  • 3D scaling gives Samba optimal infrastructure growth in all dimensions
  • The management platform efficiently manages all data types for an agile data center
  • Hitachi Dynamic Tiering automates data placement for higher performance and lower cost
  • Nondisruptive migration, host-transparent technology refresh that can be executed in days
  • Focused on delivering a vision that IT can be: Virtualized, Automated, Cloud-ready, Sustainable
  • Use more of existing storage to reduce spending by 20 to 50%
  • Save up to 40% of storage infrastructure OPEX

Solution Components

  • Hitachi Virtual Storage for High End Enterprise Tier 1 core banking Application for 50TB in Headquarter
  • Hitachi Virtual Storage for High End Enterprise Tier 1 core banking Application for 50TB in DR
  • Hitachi Unified Storage VM for Entry level Enterprise Banking Application 100TB in Headquarter Site
  • Hitachi Unified Storage VM for Entry level Enterprise Banking Application 100TB in DR Site